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Motorised TV Lift

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Motorised TV Lift

We provide reliable, ultra quiet, motorized TV lifts that are ideal for industry professionals, commercial and residential. Every TV lift mechanism is manufactured in India and backed by a full 1 year warranty, making it the perfect buy for any professional or individual.

We provide complete media control systems like TV, Set Top Box, music systems etc. can be controlled through mobile apps (Android and iPhone). This is very important in home automation as multiple remote comes in one app and hence very easy to control. Also you can hide set top box and music system and control it through mobile apps.

Control your TV Lift up and down through our mobile application

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Motorised Control System - Under Floor TV Lift

Looking for a solution for floor lift. Under Floor Mechanisms offer a very dramatic concealment solution for large screen televisions. Nothing says class and elegance like a TV silently, magically, rising up out of the floor. This solution is suitable for those who does not wants to occupied the drawing room space by installing extra-large furniture for large screen televisions.

Under Floor Mechanism

Under Floor Mechanism

Under Floor TV Lift

Motorised Control System - Ceiling Lifts

We offer many standard lift mechanisms to conceal TVs, projectors, and speakers above the ceiling line. From a relatively simple mechanism to drop the TV straight down into the room, to a multi-stage mechanism that will flip down, extend, then swivel, our solution has the mechanism as per your need.

Flip-Down ceiling mounts are the perfect solution where ceiling space is limited. Because our Flip-Down mounts require as little as seven inches of space above the ceiling, they are ideal for maximizing elegance in a limited space. With the “extended travel” and motorized swivel option, positioning the TV to the perfect viewing angle is never a problem. Add the motorized swivel option, and achieving the perfect viewing angle is guaranteed.

Ceiling TV Lift

Motorised Control System - Cabinet Lifts

Under Bed TV Lift

We provide custom-built cabinet mechanism to lift and display the television when it’s in use and conceal it when it’s not. Whether you want a small TV popping up out of the kitchen counter, or a large TV popping up out of a credenza, we have the cabinet lift mechanism to suit your needs. With just the touch of a button, you can transform any room from average to extraordinary.

 Cabinet Tv lift

Motorised Control System - Panel Lift

Panel Mechanisms are a simple and elegant way to hide the TV. Panel lift are compact designs make them ideal for layouts that lack sufficient space for more complex concealment mechanisms. We provide custom solution to you with mechanisms to raise, lower, or slide panels of any size and weight!

Panel Lift

Custom Mechanisms

 Custom Solution

We also provide custom mechanisms solution as per the requirement and need of the customer for TV lifts for their commercial or residential space.